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Maternity Chrismas and New Year Lucky Bag 2018 - M Size【Available ONLY in the U.S.】

$80.00 $300.00

In Japan the end of the year marks "Lucky bag" or “Fukubukuro” (福袋)  sales. These are mystery boxes or bags with a guaranteed higher value than cost.

We will send you a box full of Maternity Wear. Each one will include

dress, presented in the pictures ( please be advised that color can be different),


③pants, jeans or leggings

  • Each Bag includes one dress.
  • Each Bag includes 4~6 matenity items.
  • Established price of content varies from $ 180 to $ 300.

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and share information about our lucky bags on your account with the #sweetmommyluckybag hashtag and tag of our account @sweetmommymaternity

and get one additional item!


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